“Never too Late” Marcel Cartier, Agent of Change, Worplay and Nana D

And it really is never too late, to post this one. I did the photography February this year. It was a great filmmaking collaboration with Nana D (also vocalist on the track). On set Nana is a regular trooper, flipping from directing to performing with ease, all while battling chicken pox.

We shot on Canon E0S 600D using vintage Canon FD lenses, a Samyang 8mm and a Nissan Micra as a dolly.

We had a great time shooting and editing this video, with Nana doing the lion’s share of the edit (barring my strongly opinionated interventions) and me handling the grade.


Nana D – Proud

Really enjoyed working with Nana D to grade his video. There were some challenges working with 5D h264 footage and matching the locations (shot in Spain and Norbury South London would you believe), especially since I was limited to working evenings on this personal project.
Anyway here’s the link: Enjoy

I will be doing some more work with Nana in 2012 so watch out!

Savorengo Ker, the house of All, now online

Savorengo Ker, which means “the house of all” in Romanes, is an experimental housing project which took place in the Roma Gypsy camp Casilino 900 in Rome. It is the story of a simple and brave idea which became the symbol of emancipation for a marginalized community. The project was hosted at the Venice Architecture Biennale and was visited by Members of the European Parliament, reviewed by the international press and debated in academic centres around the world. But in Rome, where the house was built and presented, it met only hostility and unnecessary controversy. Now that house is no more.

Love and Credit (Amore e Credito)

This is part 1 of my 2005 short film “Amore e Credito” it was shot on the Z1 when that was the “hot” indy camera (yes that’s unbelievable to hear nowadays, but really the HDV seemed really exciting back then).

By the way there are English subtitles available if you don’t speak Italian – just click on the little triangle on the right hand side of the viewer.

I really appreciate youtube comments – criticism, praise or just queries/debate.